• Buyer's Guide to Best Medical Alert Services: Everything about MobileHelp

    The medical alert system is one of the useful emergency health devices today; these are designed to send an alarm to the licensed medical alert team during emergency situations, such as fall, slips, and other health problems that involve the elderlies and some physically disabled people.


    If you are currently choosing between medical alert system brands but still confused which one to pick, you could start reading the reliable reviews and posts about the MobileHelp, which you can find out more at this helpful site.


    Who is MobileHelp?


    One of the straightforward medical alert systems today is the MobileHelp. Their product line offers includes an in-home and out-of-home Duo system; according to most surveys, both product line gives reliable 24/7 access to personal emergency response, including monitoring the seniors or physically disabled patients who are in and out of their homes.


    Here are its product lines that you should check out:


    • MobileHelp Duo (In-Home-Device)
    • MobileHelp Classic
    • MobileHelp Solo
    • MobileHelp Smart


    To fully understand these two product lines, you must check this page out – all are well-explained.


    How does it work?

    All MobileHelp’s main medical alert systems are cellular-based systems, where the connections of the emergency devices are via the cellular network connection; in other words, you do not need a home phone line to make the device work. Get more details here: https://www.medicalalertbuyersguide.org/medical-alert-system/mobilehelp-review/ .


    The MobileHelp is designed with significant benefits; however, like many medical alert devices, the MobileHelp has drawbacks too. The following are its Pros and Cons that you should take note:




    • 4 product lines to choose from, including in home and out home use; which makes it convenient for seniors that need to be out of the house.
    • Fast and efficient emergency assistance.
    • Efficient MobileHelp Connect Alert; this helps to easily connect and notify the family members and or the patient’s caregiver through email or SMS alerts whenever the emergency button is pressed.
    • MobileHelp offers GPS tracking where the seniors and or the patients are easily located, whether the carrier of the devices is in the house or outside the home’s vicinity.
    • There is no need to subscribe to any phone line or cellular network connection since the in-home and out-home devices are designed with built-in cellular network connections.
    • You don’t need to get tied up to any contract.




    • The mobile device is a lot bigger than those you find from its competitors.
    • Needs a good AT&T reception to make the device work.
    • You’ll need two devices – for home use and a device that will work away from home.


    Final Verdict


    MobileHelp is one of the reliable companies to offer high-performing medical alert services. The company continually provides more advanced medical alert services to its consumers; for that reason, you’ll find well-thought devices that will assist the seniors and people who are physically disabled.


    So, should you trust MobileHelp? Overall reviews and posts, MobileHelp is one of the reliable companies to trust. So, if you are looking for a medical alert system, you can trust what MobileHelp has to offer.

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